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Review: Battlefield 1943

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4 out of 5

Battlefield 1943 probably would have been reviewed days ago if it were not for the issues with the servers that occurred on release day and beyond.  Since I am a stalwart fan of the original game, I decided to give EA and DICE a chance to get their act together before I buried them with a 1/5 for trying to sell a title screen for $15. Continue reading


Impression: 1 vs. 100 Beta – Now With Prizes

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I just finished up playing a bit of 1 vs. 100 and I have to say that I am very impressed with how much fun that game can be.  Even though very small amounts of money are involved, there is something to be said for the rush I felt when I won as a member of the mob.  It didn’t matter that the prize was only a copy of the original Worms from XBLA.  I won something for answering a few general knowledge trivia questions and it felt great!
I do wonder if Microsoft is going to be able to stretch this out over multiple seasons.  I could see the game getting a little stale if it isn’t put into a rotation with a couple of other types of game shows.

Whatever Microsoft’s plans are, they sure have a good start with 1 vs. 100.  When they were postings statistics for the rounds, there appeared to be a ton of people playing.  In any event, I had a really great time tonight and I wish you all luck in your personal quests for prizes!

My Most Anticipated Games for the Second Half of 2009

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Somehow we are already halfway through 2009, but the year is only now just starting to heat up for those of us who love games.  The avalanche of Fall releases is about to be upon us and I wanted to point out 20 games that I cannot wait to play over the next six months.  Over the next few days, I’ll be counting down to my number one most anticipated game of the second half of 2009.  Today, I start with games 20-16. Continue reading

Microsoft Unveils Summer of Arcade List

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Microsoft officially announced the release dates of the games that are included in their Summer of Arcade event.  The games start coming out on Wednesday, July 22nd and continue every Wednesday until August 19th.  The schedule and pricing is as follows: Continue reading

EA Confirming Battlefield 1943 Issues & Fix

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Oops...Guess we shouldn't have tried to host the game on our tank server...

Oops...Guess we shouldn't have tried to host the game on our tank server...

As you may recall from the podcast, I was considering picking up Battlefield 1943 this weekend for review.  The main reason I decided to wait was an unsettling volume of people stating that they were unable to connect to EA’s servers.  Apparently, DICE and EA did not have servers ready at launch, so players were unable to connect to a game until someone had left.

Today EA & DICE admitted that these problems exist and promised that they were in the process of expanding their server capacity to meet the higher than expected demand.

As of this post, many players are already reporting a vast improvement in their ability to connect to the servers, so hopefully the issue will be fully resolved soon.

Impression: Kodu

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Kodu, the pictorial programming language meets game creator, was released on the Community Games section of XBOX Live last week to almost no fanfare.  This is surprising, considering its prominence during Microsoft’s keynote address at this year’s CES.  I felt compelled to check out Kodu and write something up, but because it is such a different animal than most of the other things I deal with, I figured it would be best to just talk about my impression of the program, rather than assigning it a score. Continue reading

The Exclaiming Gamer Podcast 7-7-09

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Check out the first of a hopefully weekly assortment of video game news, commentary, and fun with your host, Doug a.k.a ‘The Exclaiming Gamer!’ Continue reading