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The Exclaiming Gamer Podcast 7-14-09

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I’m back with another addition of The Exclaiming Gamer Podcast.  This week, I talk about a few of the features that have gone into the site and what content is going to be going up later in the week.  I also get into some news about BioShock 2 and pine for gratuitous sex and violence in Dante’s Inferno.  As always, I wrap up with the new release calender and e-mails.  Enjoy the much improved podcast at the link below.

The Exclaiming Gamer Podcast 7-14-09

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My Most Anticipated Games for the Second Half of 2009 Part 4

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This is it! The moment you have all been waiting for! I know you can’t contain your excitement any longer, so I present to you my top five most anticipated games for the second half of 2009: Continue reading

My Most Anticipated Games for the Second Half of 2009 Part 3

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Today, I continue counting down my most anticipated games of 2009.  Here are games 10-6: Continue reading

My Most Anticipated Games for the Second Half of 2009 Part 2

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I’m back to deliver to you the next five members of my list of my most anticipated games for the rest of two-thousand and fine!  So without further ado, here are games 15-11: Continue reading

Impression: 1 vs. 100 Beta – Now With Prizes

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I just finished up playing a bit of 1 vs. 100 and I have to say that I am very impressed with how much fun that game can be.  Even though very small amounts of money are involved, there is something to be said for the rush I felt when I won as a member of the mob.  It didn’t matter that the prize was only a copy of the original Worms from XBLA.  I won something for answering a few general knowledge trivia questions and it felt great!
I do wonder if Microsoft is going to be able to stretch this out over multiple seasons.  I could see the game getting a little stale if it isn’t put into a rotation with a couple of other types of game shows.

Whatever Microsoft’s plans are, they sure have a good start with 1 vs. 100.  When they were postings statistics for the rounds, there appeared to be a ton of people playing.  In any event, I had a really great time tonight and I wish you all luck in your personal quests for prizes!

Editorial: Give Me Back My Controller!

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Between the release of the Wii Motion Plus and the recent announcements from Sony and Microsoft about their camera based motion controls, I feel as if the three console makers believe that innovation means getting rid of the traditional handheld controller. This thought was spurned on the other day, when I opened my web browser only to see a headline that basically stated that controllers were obsolete relics of a Neolithic video game world. Well I am here to proudly say that the only way they are taking my controller from me is if they pry it from my cold, dead hands! Continue reading

1 vs. 100 Beta Prizes!

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"Soon, you will be able to win too!"

Microsoft has confirmed that they will begin awarding prizes to players who participate in the 1 vs. 100 beta this Friday, July 10th. Continue reading