Review: Battlefield 1943

4 out of 5

Battlefield 1943 probably would have been reviewed days ago if it were not for the issues with the servers that occurred on release day and beyond.  Since I am a stalwart fan of the original game, I decided to give EA and DICE a chance to get their act together before I buried them with a 1/5 for trying to sell a title screen for $15.

Luckily for all of us, a bunch of new servers have been going up for the game everyday and the original connectivity issues have been solved.  I have found joining a game to be extremely quick and pointless as of the time of this review.

Once I was able to connect consistently to the servers, I found a highly distilled Battlefield experience.  There are no pre or post-game lobbies to sit in between matches, only a scoreboard at the end of the match.  There are only three maps included with the game coming from the Pacific maps in 1942 (Guadalcanal, Wake Island, and Iwo Jima) with a fourth map being released after the community has aggregated 43 million kills.  There are also only three classes to choose from (Scout, Rifleman, and Infantry).  The classes all feel balanced, with certain classes having the advantage depending on the situation.  As far as game modes go, all you get—and need—is your classic ‘capture and hold control points’ Battlefield action.

The concentrated nature of the game is simultaneously its biggest strength and most glairing weakness.  The game is both highly accessible and easy to pick up and play.  If you have an hour or two to kill or you are just looking for a quick bit of action, then 1943 delivers.  However, if it is a more sustained experience you are craving, the three maps and three classes begin to get stale over time.

Overall, Battlefield 1943 is a great way to get a little dose of some classic Battlefield action during these lean video gaming days.  Even though I enjoyed the game, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would have been more enjoyable as a total 1942 remake.  I personally hope that EA and DICE add to the game in the future with DLC or free updates, as a few more maps or another class or two would do a lot to keep the game fresh over time.  Regardless of the small number of maps and the rough launch, it is unlikely that you will find a game that will provide as much fun as Battlefield 1943 does for $15.  If you are at all interested in some World War II multiplayer action in the grand Battlefield style, then you should definitely consider spending your summer in the Pacific with Battlefield 1943.

Final Score:  4/5


One Response to “Review: Battlefield 1943”

  1. I put some time in with the demo this weekend. I was really impressed. Just waiting for my code now so I can get back in there. It’s a great game considering it’s price and the economy.

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