BioShock 2 Delayed Until Fiscal Year 2010

BioShock 2-2

They need time to make the Little Sisters even creepier.

Well, even though it isn’t officially out of the question that BioShock 2 will be released this year, the odds do not look very promising. 2k announced today that they will be delaying the release of BioShock 2 until Fiscal Year 2010. For those of us who use a regular calendar, that roughly translates to sometime between November of this year to April 2010. So while there is still a chance that the game will be released during the holiday season, the consensus around the internet is not optimistic.

In a way, I’m glad that 2k is taking the time and give the game a proper chance at fulfilling the lofty expectations that have been set for it. They would be foolish to put it out if it is not ready. Besides, I will be too buried under the tons of other releases this Fall, so having something to look forward to between January and April could be alright. Whatever the case, be sure to keep your eyes open for more updates on this story as it unfolds.


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