Review: Red Faction: Guerrilla

4 out of 5

Red Faction:  Guerrilla is not an epic thriller with an intense storyline that will keep you playing for hours on end.  It will not preach to you about moral choice or bog you down with difficult dialog decisions.  Red Faction: Guerrilla is, however, a really good game that will fully satisfy your craving for destruction on a massive scale.

The story for the game is quite simple and exists only to provide the framework for the aforementioned carnage.  You play as Alec Mason, who has come to Mars to mine with his brother Dan.  About five minutes into the game, Dan gets smoked by an Earth Defense Force gunship and you run off to join the Red Faction who are trying to push the EDF out of Mars.

To liberate Mars from EDF control, you must take over the six inhabited sectors of the planet.  The level of EDF control in a sector is represented by a score that drops as you perform missions, destroy propaganda, and demolish buildings that are critical to the control of the sector.  Once the EDF control reaches zero, you then take on a final story mission to liberate the sector.

As I progressed in the game, I found myself focusing more on demolishing critical structures as opposed to running the side missions, mostly because the same mission types are recycled between sectors and become quite stale the third or fourth time around.  This was not a problem however, as going on destruction raids is far and away the best part of the game.  Trying to find the most creative way to turn a building into rubble is unsurprisingly awesome and there were times where I found myself destroying everything around me just to enjoy the resulting explosions.

You are given plenty of different tools to make the pyromaniac inside of you giggle.  There are rocket launchers, mines, bombs, and even a gun that shoots nanites that turn whatever it hits into dust.  Overall, the gun play feels good, probably on par with that of GTA IV but not quite as good as Gears of War 2.  You can upgrade your weapons by using salvage gained as mission rewards or from blowing up buildings.  The upgrades consist of things like being able to carry more ammo or adding lock-on capabilities.

The biggest surprise about Red Faction:  Guerrilla is the multiplayer.  Offline multiplayer features “Wrecking Crew” mode, where players pass the controller and try to outscore each other in different destruction challenges.  As nice as the offline multiplayer is, the real gem of the game is the online.  You will find your traditional deathmatch and team deathmatch, capture the flag, and control point modes all with little twists that make them that much more fun.  For example, instead of capturing a control point by standing next to it, you blow up the control point and use a ‘reconstructer’ to but it back together.  There is a full suite of unlocks for you to earn as well as an experience system and leaderboards.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is a solid game that fans of the open world action genre will likely enjoy.  It does a good job about keeping the action going and making sure that you don’t go too long without blowing something up.  If you are looking to cause some mayhem and guns and bombs are more your style than superpowers, Red Faction:  Guerrilla will likely fit the bill quite nicely.

Final Score:  4/5


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