Welcome to The Exclaiming Gamer

Hello and welcome to The Exclaiming Gamer.  My name is Doug, aka the “Exclaiming Gamer” and I wanted to take some time to lay out what you can expect from the site in the near future.  As I say in the title, the focus of the blog is going to be game news, reviews, and editorials.  The grand plan is to cover as many types of games across as many platforms as possible.  My main focus out of the gate however, will be releases on the XBOX 360, PS2, PC, and DS as they are the consoles I currently own and actively play.  I am working on getting a PS3, so stay tuned if that is your console of choice.  Unfortunately, I currently have no plans to buy a Wii, but I follow the console with great interest and I constantly hope Nintendo will find a way to convince me to bite.

Well, that is probably enough for an introduction.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates to the site, as I will be adding pages that describe the review system.  Also, feel free to subscribe to the twitter feed that goes with the site (http://twitter.com/ExclaimingGamer).  It will probably have little tidbits of information about what I’m up to at the moment, either for the site or just in my day to day life.

Please leave any questions, comments, suggestions, requests, or anything else you can think of in the comments to let me know what you think about the site so far.  Thanks again for coming to The Exclaiming Gamer!


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